Abbey’s Shiny Teeth

Abbey wasn’t too excited about her first trip to the dentist. She didn’t want Dr. C. to “count her teeth”.

But she was excited to get a new toothbrush and brushing hourglass timer. She used it on me this morning, when she told me I didn’t brush long enough ’cause the sand wasn’t gone from the other side.

I am glad she is keeping up with me on my dental hygene.

Sick Home

Abbey has been sick since Thursday, we took her to the Dr. on Friday but he found nothing to be wrong.

Abbey has been sick since the day she was born how could the Dr. find nothing wrong with her.

 So today I took her again to the Dr.  because her condition has not improved since. We have been up every two hours or so waking up and getting drinks and throat lozenges. The Dr. who Laura thinks is totally hot and Laura would give anything to get the kids sick again just for a visit, she may even be so tempted to go in for extra booster shots for the kids just to get a peek at him.

We got some meds and hopefully we are off to a getting better and I will be able to get some sleep.

Tomorrow Abbey has her first dentist appointment.  I know we are bad parents and should get to the dentist more often. What do you do?

Halloween’s Past

Halloween 2003, originally uploaded by TheThurbs.

So, I decided to finally give my webpage a boost today so I changed the theme. I really like is so far.

This is a picture of Adree on Halloween 2003 when we were living in Sandy. It was a very cold night and only were able to get to a few houses.

I don’t think it was until the next Halloween did she get “trick or treating” But she did like the wand she is holding for some time.